CHIPRA Mandated Evaluation of the Children's Health Insurance Program: Final Findings. Road Map for the Report


The remainder of this report presents findings in 9 chapters and ends with overall conclusions and policy implications. Chapter II summarizes findings on CHIP program design, based largely on the case studies and survey of state program administrators. Chapter III draws on national survey data to present findings on coverage trends since CHIP was enacted and participation in Medicaid and CHIP among eligible children. Chapter IV examines prior coverage experiences and access to employer-sponsored insurance among CHIP and Medicaid enrollees. Chapters V and VI draw largely on Medicaid and CHIP enrollment data from the 10 study states to present findings on trends in enrollment and retention, movement between programs, and the experiences of disenrollees after leaving CHIP. Chapters VII through IX draw primarily on the evaluation’s 2012 survey of enrollees and disenrollees: Chapter VII describes the characteristics of children enrolled in CHIP; Chapter VIII presents findings on access, use and financial well-being among CHIP and Medicaid enrollees and how their experiences compare with those of children who are uninsured or who have private insurance; and Chapter IX focuses on the characteristics and experiences of low-income uninsured children, and the application and renewal experiences of CHIP and Medicaid enrollees. Chapter X focuses on findings from the survey of state program administrators to describe how the Affordable Care Act had influenced CHIP programs as of early 2013.

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