Children's Health Insurance Expansions: State Experiences in Developing Benefit Packages and Cost-Sharing Arrangements. New York


New York's Child Health Plus program was originally implemented to provide a modest benefit package to as many children as possible within the state. The program initially served only children under age 13 and provided only outpatient benefits. A series of expansions have occurred in both the size and the scope of the program, and New York's Child Health Plus is currently the largest of the non-Medicaid children's insurance programs, serving 135,000 children as of August 1997. New York's Child Health Plus serves children up to age 19 under 222% of the poverty level.Inpatient benefits were added to the program in October 1997. Financing for Child Health Plus comes from the statewide bad debt and charity care pool established under the New York Prospective Hospital Reimbursement Methodology.