Children's Health Insurance Expansions: State Experiences in Developing Benefit Packages and Cost-Sharing Arrangements. Florida


The Florida Healthy Kids program requires local counties to participate in the finance and benefit package design of their individual county health insurance program. Local counties contribute 40% and state government contributes 25% of the total medical costs. In addition, the state appropriated $13 million from general revenue funds in 1996 to 1997. Children are grouped together for insurance purposes according to their school districts, and counties determine if they would like to provide benefits for the children in their school districts beyond the standard Healthy Kids package (e.g., add dental benefits or allow children who are younger than school age to enroll). The school lunch program determines eligibility for subsidized health insurance under Healthy Kids. There are three tiers of premiums: children on the free lunch program (less than 133% FPL); children on the reduced lunch program (less than 185% FPL); and all other children, who are required to pay the full premium.