Children in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Child-Only Cases with Relative Caregivers. 2.7 State Responses to Child-Only Cases


Because of the very different types of family structures found among the child-only caseload, designing appropriate interventions to serve such families is complicated (Kaplan and Copeland, 2001). States have had to assess their child-only caseload individually and determine what programs or services were needed to address the particular concerns. For the most part, states that have developed a program to address child-only service needs have focused on the needs of the relative caregivers rather than on those of children. In a study of child-only policies and practices in three states - California, Florida, and Missouri - no special efforts were being made in 1999 to serve child-only cases (Farrell et al., 2000). However, in light of the increasing proportion of child-only cases, several states are looking more closely at the needs of the child-only caseload.

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