Children in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Child-Only Cases with Relative Caregivers. 2.5.6 School Performance Is Poor


Compared to children who live with their parents, a significantly higher percentage of children who live with relatives or foster parents have been suspended or expelled from school and fewer are involved in school activities (Kortenkamp and Ehrle, 2002; Billing, Ehrle, and Kortenkamp, 2002). A survey of teachers found that children in kinship care compared to other students had poor study habits and lacked the ability to pay attention and concentrate (Dubowitz et al., 1994). Additionally, children living with relatives were reported as being less involved in school activities than children living with their parents (Billing, Ehrle, and Kortenkamp, 2002). This finding is important because involvement in activities such as sports, lessons, and clubs has been shown to help children by enhancing social skills and enabling personal accomplishment (Ehrle and Moore, 1999).

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