Child Care State Reports . III. Gaps in Child Care Supply [6]


  • The adequacy of the supply of child care varies across California.  To determine the level of unmet need, the California Child Care Resource and Referral Network uses a combination of census data and child care supply data from local resource and referral networks.  Licensed child care supply meets only 21 percent of the estimated need for licensed care for children of all ages.  Supply gaps vary throughout the state.  For example, in Alpine County, licensed child care meets 78 percent of the need for all children; in Los Angeles County, supply meets only 17 percent of the need.
    • Throughout the state of California, infant care is in short supply.  For example, in Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Francisco County, and Siskiyou County less than 5 percent of slots in licensed care centers are infant slots.
    • Only 4 percent of all of the licensed and license-exempt centers, and only 33 percent of the licensed family child care homes listed with the California Child Care Resource and Referral Network provide care during odd hours, such as weekends, evenings or over night.