Child Care Arrangements in Urban and Rural Areas. Results


This section presents findings from the 2005 NHES, ECPP by comparing the characteristics of child care and early education arrangements of children under age 6 that have not yet enrolled in kindergarten in urban and rural areas.  Care arrangements that did not occur at least once a week were excluded.[7]  Many of the figures in this section present separate calculations by type of non-parental care arrangement as defined below.  These types of arrangements may or may not require fees from the family receiving the care.

  • Relative care is provided by a relative of the child and may take place in the child’s home or in another location.  Relatives include siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other non-parental family members.
  • Non-Relative care includes care by non-relatives in the child’s home or in another location.  Arrangements sometimes called “family care” fit into this category.
  • Center Programs include Head Start, pre-kindergarten, day care centers, and other early education programs.  They may be located in places such as schools, public buildings, and buildings designed primarily for child care purposes.

[7]  Urban/rural differences are considered statistically significant in the text if the row percentages are p < .05 based on T-tests.  The standard errors were calculated using the “Jackknife” method with WestVar software in order to adjust for the design effects of the NHES.  For more information on the sampling design of the NHES, see Hagedorn, M., Montaquilla, J., Carver, P., & O’Donnell, K. (2006) National Household Education Surveys Program of 2005:  Public-Use Data File User’s Manual, Volume II.  U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics.  The standard errors for the analysis can be found at (Reuben, put the Web link here)

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