Child Care Arrangements in Urban and Rural Areas. Location of Center Programs


Care in Center programs can be provided in a variety of physical locations such as public and private schools, public buildings, places of worship, and in buildings designed primarily for providing care services to children.  The NHES showed that when children received care at centers, urban and rural children received this care in similar types of locations.  As shown in Figure 4, about a quarter of the children in center programs received care in places of worship and almost 4 in 10 received care in the provider’s own buildings used primarily for child care.  Over a quarter of all children participated in center programs located in schools (public and private) or public buildings.

Figure 4:
Physical Location of Center Programs for Chlidren and 0 to 5 and Not Yet in Kindergarten

Figure 4

  ** Urban/rural difference = p < 0.05
*** Urban/rural difference = p < 0.01

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