Chartbook on Children's Health Insurance, 1998. Health Insurance Coverage by Coverage Category


Each March the Current Population Survey asks about the health insurance status of each person in the household during the previous year. The March 1998 results are presented in the following two charts, each contrasting uninsured children under age 18 with the U.S. population as a whole. The first chart indicates the percentage of children and the percentage of the U.S. population having a particular source of health insurance; the second indicates the number of people having a particular source of health insurance in millions. Note that persons with more than one insurance type are represented more than once. Results are summarized in the table below:


Type of Coverage Children Population
Employer-Sponsored Insurance ESI 44.9 63% 165.1 61%
Other Private Insurance 3.1 4% 23.4 9%
Medicaid 14.7 21% 29.0 11%
Medicare 0.4 1% 35.6 13%
VA, Military, Other 2.2 3% 8.5 3%
Uninsured 10.7 15% 43.4 16%

Key findings include:

  • 10.7 million children, 15% of the population under age 18, are uninsured. In the March 1997 survey 10.6 million children 15% were uninsured.
  • 45 million children 63% are covered under employer-sponsored insurance. This is consistent with the proportion of individuals in the overall population who are insured through an employer.