Characteristics of Long-Term Care Registered Apprenticeship Programs: Implications for Evaluation Design. 2.3. Core Competency Training


All five LTC RAPs provide training in specific core competencies to mark progress and completion of the apprenticeship. The core competency trainings developed for the LTC RAPs are designed to ensure that apprentices learn the skills needed to provide high-quality, long-term care, combining the necessary knowledge and experience in personal care and medical practices. LTC RAPs can also have advanced competencies or specialties that apprentices may have to complete. The personal care medical skill competencies apprentices have to master are occupation-specific. For example, CNA apprentices at Good Samaritan have to complete a set of core competency trainings in advanced CNA skills and an additional training in an advanced competency such as restorative care, care for dementia residents, or medication administration. Similarly, apprentices at Agape complete core competency trainings in advanced CNA, with additional advanced training in palliative care and communicating with dementia patients. Apprentices at all sites felt that the core competency trainings often touched on skills they had already learned on-the-job, but provided information on and practice in the competency or skill in considerably more depth.

These LTC RAPs also have core competency trainings that addresses soft skills such as effective communication with staff and clients, managing stressful situations or difficult clients, and mentoring and leadership skills. For example, DSS apprentices at Developmental Services attend training on and must demonstrate competency in non-violent conflict intervention as clients with developmental disabilities may respond physically toward DSSs when under stress. Home Care Associates has core competency training on mentoring and leadership skills. Information on the core competency trainings for each site’s LTC RAP is discussed in Section 4 of this report and a complete listing of the competency trainings is provided by site in Appendix A.

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