Toward Understanding Homelessness: The 2007 National Symposium on Homelessness Research. Characteristics of Help-Seeking Street Youth and Non-Street Youth. Endnotes


*   The author thanks Cami K. McBride, Ph.D. for her supervision of research and the staff and volunteers of the National Runaway Switchboard for their support in the preparation of this manuscript.

[1]     For the purposes of this paper, the category of street youth includes runaway, homeless, and throwaway youth who are currently residing in alternate housing, such as a shelter or with friends or relatives, as well as those literally living on the street (also see Methods section).

[2]     Because preliminary analysis of the data indicated that the recidivism variable was not normally distributed for this sample, a nonparametric test was used for correlational analysis (Spearmans rho).

[3]     Information regarding the racial or ethnic background of callers is not collected during crisis calls.

[4]     Information on transgender as a gender category was recorded only for calls received January 2005 or later.

[5]     Data on prior homelessness was available only for calls received in September 2001 and later.

[6]     The technique used was stepwise multivariate logistic regression analysis.

[7]     The technique used was a nonparametric correlative analysis (Spearmans rho) appropriate to variables that are not normally distributed.

[8]     The technique used was stepwise multivariate logistic regression analysis.

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