Characteristics of Families Using Title IV-D Services in 1999 and 2001. Subgroup Analysis on Race and Ethnicity


The subgroup analysis looked at the child support-eligible families by race and ethnicity. This information was gathered from the March CPS person-level variables A_RACE and A_REORGN. In this analysis, race and ethnicity were treated as mutually exclusive categories. Individuals were categorized, based on their responses to the variables A_RACE and A_REORGN, by identifying all Hispanics first, so Hispanic may be of race, and then from the remaining non-Hispanic respondents identifying those who identified themselves as only White or only Black. This process created the three mutually exclusive categories of “White-non-Hispanic”, “Black-non-Hispanic” and “Hispanic (of any race).”  The sample size for other race groups is quite small and the year to year variation quite large and, therefore, they were not considered appropriate for inclusion. The residual category “all others” is not shown.