Characteristics of Families Using Title IV-D Services in 1997. Income Variables


Family income and poverty values were drawn from the March CPS. The Census definition of "family" includes the immediate family of the respondent as well as any related subfamilies in the same household. It excludes unrelated subfamilies living within the same household. For example, if a custodial mother lived with her two parents in 1997, the incomes of both the mother and her parents would be included when determining the family income. If the custodial mother instead lived with a friend of the family, her income alone would determine the family income.

The March variables FTOTVAL and POVLL were used to produce the family income and the ratio of family income to the poverty level, respectively. Two new variables, FAMINC and POVRATIO, were constructed to develop the ranges of income and ratios of income to poverty that are seen in Tables 3A, 3B, 4A, and 4B.