Characteristics of Families Using Title IV-D Services in 1997. Agreement/Receipt Status


Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of all IV-D families had child support agreements in place in 1997, while 45 percent of families reported the receipt of some amount of child support payment (Table 8). Families receiving no child support payments made up a majority of both the IV-D and non IV-D populations, those families participating in the IV-D program were more likely to at least have a child support agreement (63 percent as compared to 50 percent). IV-D families receiving no public assistance were more likely to have an both an agreement and receipt of payment (54 percent) than IV-D families reporting receipt of TANF (29 percent) or other government assistance (40 percent). In both the IV-D and non IV-D populations, families with both no agreement and no receipt were more likely to receive some public assistance than were other families.