Characteristics and Dynamics of Homeless Families with Children. Question Two: Single Domain or Multidimensional Typology?


Regarding the second question (single domain or multidimensional typology), if a single domain is chosen, the only one that is general enough is the low-income housing/poverty relationship. In this instance, the typology should include exogenous variables (availability, accessibility of housing), personal variables (need for mere housing subsidies or subsidies plus support services) and situational variables (acceptability, appropriateness of the housing that is provided).  That domain would be best adapted to a majority of homeless families, judging from the literature reviewed above.  In addition, that domain could be used with a preventive approach to homelessness (including such additional variables as eviction preventive programs, and low-income housing guidance).  A multidimensional approach would be better adapted to a (multidisciplinary) client-service matching strategy with two possible purposes: (1) ending homelessness (here the housing /income disciplines would be predominant); (2) alleviating or perhaps diminishing the adverse effects of homelessness (here the effects on homeless children would have top priority, with mental, physical and re-adaptive services as a second priority for specific families).

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