Characteristics and Dynamics of Homeless Families with Children. Exogenous Variables


  1. Area housing resource indicators:
    1. State or local eviction prevention policies
    2. Title 8 vouchers
    3. Waiting time for 202 or other public housing
    4. Local area occupancy ratio of rental housing
    5. Local ratio of low income housing rent to minimum wage
    6. Local availability of SRO housing
    7. Local availability of housing subsidies: hotel rooms
    8. Local availability of housing subsidies: apartments, rental house
    9. Local availability of down-payment assistance programs
    10. Local mortgage assistance
  2. Area shelter resources
    1. Homeless shelter-occupancy ratio
    2. Homeless shelters with extended stay-occupancy ratios
    3. Family shelters with both parents-occupancy ratio
    4. Family shelters with only one parent-occupancy ratio
  3. Income sources in area
    1. Welfare policy indicators
    2. Area welfare income rate per family size
    3. Area hourly, weekly or monthly minimum wage
    4. Availability of jobs paying less than minimum wage
    5. Area unemployment rate
    6. Average number of applicants per low paying job
  4. Environmental safety indicators in the area
    1. Nutritional: availability and quality of soup kitchen and other free foods
    2. Temperature extremes for season
    3. Drug dealing activity indicators
    4. Crimes (assault, robbery, rape) rates
    5. Infectious diseases (rates of respiratory, STD, skin, GI, etc)
    6. Building safety re: collapse, arson, etc.
  5. Social environment in the area regarding people who are homeless
    1. Hostile: NIMBY
    2. Live and let live
    3. Supportive
  6. Local service resources
    1. Educational
    2. Physical health
    3. Mental health
    4. HIV/AIDS
    5. Drug abuse
    6. Job training
    7. Legal/administrative assistance
    8. Sheltered workshops
    9. Homeless clients work programs

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