Characteristics and Dynamics of Homeless Families with Children. Endogenous Variables


  1. Demographics
    1. Single or two-parent family
    2. Number of children
    3. Age of children (infants, pre-school, school, adolescents)
    4. Pregnancy
    5. Age of parents
  2. Social capital
    1. Education of parents
    2. Parenting ability of parents
    3. Work skills and habits
    4. Helpful informal network
    5. Prison/jail record
    6. Illegal alien
    7. History of institutionalization (hospital, training school, etc)
  3. Financial capital
    1. Income
    2. Savings
    3. Credit status
    4. Valuable possessions
  4. Health status of family members
    1. Chronic illness
    2. Physical disability
    3. Mental disorder
    4. Intellectual disability
    5. Substance use and abuse
    6. HIV/AIDS
  5. Past traumatic history and PTSD (parents)
    1. Physical abuse in childhood (parents)
    2. Sexual abuse in childhood (parents)
    3. Physical abuse as adults (parents)
    4. Sexual abuse as adults (parents)
  6. Linguistic and cultural resources
    1. Mainstream culture: English
    2. Marginal culture: good English
    3. Marginal culture: poor English
    4. Ethnicity: nationality

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