Characteristics and Dynamics of Homeless Families with Children. Defining the Sample for Reanalysis


The Fragile Families data set includes families from diverse income backgrounds, ranging from those far beneath the income poverty level to those who have relatively high levels of income. For an analysis examining the risk factors for homelessness, it is important that the groups being compared have an equivalent probability of experiencing the condition. Therefore, an income limit (i.e., household income at or below 50% of national poverty) was used to define the sample. In addition, the sample was limited to families in which the mother was 18 years of age or older. Finally, the sample was selected based on the families completing the Year 1 interview (n = 4365) because residential information was only collected during the followup interviews. A total of 838 families (19.2% of the Year 1 Fragile Families data set) met the income and age criteria and constitute the primary sample used for this study.

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