Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics Demonstration Program: Report to Congress, 2018. Oregon


State Population
(in millions)
DY1--Total to Receive CCBHC Services
(all pay sources)
DY1--Projected CCBHC Consumers
who are Medicaid Recipients*
4.14 35,000-40,000 28,000-34,000
Number as of
March 2018
Population Density of
Clinic Service Area
Number of CCBHCs
also Certified as...
of DCOs
in State
CCBHCs Service
Urban Urban/
FQHCs Health
12 21 4 5 3 3 9 0 0 5
State Impact Measures
  • Provide the most complete scope of services to individuals eligible for medical assistance under the state Medicaid program.
  • Improve availability of, access to, and participation in services to individuals eligible for medical assistance under the state Medicaid program.
* This estimate may include dual-eligible Medicaid and Medicare recipients.
State map of Oregon.

State Entity Responsiblefor Monitoring Compliance

Oregon Health Authority (OHA)

Monitoring Instrument

SAMHSA Certification Guide in conjunction with state CCBHC standards, other guidance on CCBHC requirements, and state administrative rules.

Method and Frequencyof Monitoring

  • Each CCBHC participates in two formal check-in conversations per year during the demonstration period, as well as one formal on-site visit occurring between 2017 and 2019.

  • Formal reviews include the completion of a CCBHC checklist aligning with state and federal standards. Reviews occur no more often than every 6 months, unless concerns are expressed by CCBHC project staff, consulting parties, or a request is made by the CCBHC or licensing and certification staff.

  • Monitoring is conducted during key billing and data-reporting periods.

  • OHA's Division of Licensing and Certification sets the schedule for recertification reviews (approximately once every 3 years).

Additional Safeguards

  • CCBHCs informally participate in check-in meetings, site visits, and every-other-month CCBHC demonstration calls.

  • Time is reserved in each CCBHC meeting to discuss any broad compliance issues that may be applicable to all participating CCBHCs.