Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics Demonstration Program: Report to Congress, 2018. Oklahoma


State Population
(in millions)
DY1--Total to Receive CCBHC Services
(all pay sources)
DY1--Projected CCBHC Consumers
who are Medicaid Recipients*
3.93 23,076 11,077
Number as of
March 2018
Population Density of
Clinic Service Area
Number of CCBHCs
also Certified as...
of DCOs
in State
CCBHCs Service
Urban Urban/
FQHCs Health
3 19 1 1 1 0 3 0 3 2
State Impact Measures
  • Provide the most complete scope of services to individuals eligible for medical assistance under the state Medicaid program.
  • Improve availability of, access to, and participation in services to individuals eligible for medical assistance under the state Medicaid program.
  • Improve availability of, access to, and participation in assisted outpatient mental health treatment in the state.
* This estimate may include dual-eligible Medicaid and Medicare recipients.
State map of Oklahoma.

State Entity Responsible for Monitoring Compliance

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance AbuseServices (ODMHSAS)

Monitoring Instrument

SAMHSA Certification Guide and Demonstration Application Guidance, State's Compliance with CCBHCCriteria Checklist

Method and Frequency of Monitoring

  • ODMHSAS' Decision Support Services division monitors the evaluation criteria required for the demonstration period. It reports any deficiencies in data-reporting and provides technical assistanceto ensure data are entered.

  • ODMHSAS' integrated services manager and systems of care senior director monitor the clinical and recovery support activities required by CCBHC standards. Technical assistance is provided as necessary.

  • Methods of monitoring include site visits, monthly data review (such as agency staff-to-client ratio), chart reviews, desk reviews, video conferencing, client interviews, and surveys.

  • The two individuals designated to oversee the demonstration program requirements per ODMHSAS do so quarterly during the demonstration period and yearly thereafter.

  • ODMHSAS' provider certification division reviews the CCBHC checklist criteria during site visits conducted within 6 months of CCBHC operation. Deficiencies require a correction plan and follow-up until improvement is sufficient. Based on the score the CCBHC earnsat the 6-month certification review, recertification takes place yearly or every 3 years. The provider certification division routinely makes at least one unannounced visit prior to recertification.

Additional Safeguards

  • Monthly, ODMHSAS analyzes data, identifies areas in need of improvement, and holds meetings with CCBHC staff to share data analysis, discuss implications,and plan for CQI.

  • Oklahoma's contract monitoring team provides ongoing support and technical assistance related to the CCBHC contract.

  • ODMHSAS created a CCBHC scope of work (SOW) for each state fiscal year. SOWs are also createdfor innovative and EBPs disseminated through grants and other funding. Based on deliverables within these various SOWs, ODMHSAS works with contracted agencies to improve the access and quality of services.