Case Study: Early Assessment of the Mental Health Block Grant Set-Aside Program for Addressing First Episode Psychosis and Other Early Serious Mental Illness. Acronyms


The following acronyms are mentioned in this report and/or appendix.

ACT Assertive Community Treatment
ANSA Adult Needs and Strengths Assessment
ASPE HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
BPRS Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale
Cal Poly California Polytechnic State University
CANS Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Assessment
CBTp Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis
CI Confidence Interval
CMBHS Texas Clinical Management for Behavioral Health Services
CMHC Community Mental Health Center
CSB Virginia Community Service Board
CSC Coordinated Specialty Care
DCF Connecticut Department of Children and Families
DCHS Virginia Department of Community and Human Services
DHCS California Department of Health Care Services
DMHAS Connecticut Department of Health Care Services
DUP Duration of Untreated Psychosis
EASA Early Assessment and Support Alliance
EHR Electronic Health Record
EP-TAP North Carolina Early Psychosis Technical Assistance Program
ePEP Texas Enhanced Program for Early Psychosis
EPPIC Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Center
ESMI Early Serious Mental Illness
FEP First Episode Psychosis
FOT California First Onset Psychosis Team
FSP Full Service Partnership
FY Fiscal Year
GAP Governor's Access Plan
GR General Revenue
HHS U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
IOL Connecticut Institute of Living
JMHC Wisconsin Journey Mental Health Center
LMHA Texas Local Mental Health Authority
MASQ Mood and Anxiety Symptoms Questionnaire
MCO Managed Care Organization
MHBG Mental Health Block Grant
MHMRA Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority
NAVIGATE   CSC treatment program for people experiencing FEP
NIMH HHS National Institute of Mental Health
NOMS National Outcomes Measurement System
NSDUH National Survey on Drug Use and Health
NTBHA North Texas Behavioral Health Authority
OASIS North Carolina Outreach and Support Intervention Services
PANSS Positive and Negative Symptom Scale
PHQ Patient Health Questionnaire
PIER Portland Identification and Early Referral
PREP Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis
PRS Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
RAISE Recovery After an Initial Schizophrenia Episode
RSN Washington Regional Support Networks
SAMHSA HHS Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration  
SFS Social Functioning Scale
SMHA State Mental Health Authority
SMI Serious Mental Illness
STEP Connecticut Specialized Treatment Early in Psychosis
TAY Transitional Age Youth
TEDS Treatment Episode Data Set
TESS Transitional Engagement Supportive Services
TIP Transitions to Independence Process
TOPPS Treatment Outcome Program Performance System
TRAILS Transitioning Adults into Living Successfully
UNC University of North Carolina
UT University of Texas
Wake STEP North Carolina Wake Schizophrenia Treatment and Evaluation Program

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