Case Studies of Six State Personal Assistance Service Programs Funded by the Medicaid Personal Care Option. V. Support Services Available for SDSD Consumers (CSD Data Not Available)


A. Attendant Management

1. Attendant Recruitment

Recruitment is done by contract agencies. Agencies say the low state reimbursement makes recruitment difficult.

2. Attendant Screening

Screening is done by contract agencies.

3. Attendant Interviewing

Interviewing is done by contract agencies.

4. Attendant Certification

Attendants for PCS must be certified nursing assistants.

5. Attendant Hiring

Hiring is done by contract agencies.

6. Attendant Training

The state offers a 120 hour CNA training program.

7. Attendant Supervision

Contract agency RNs are responsible for attendant supervision.

8. Attendant Payment

Attendant payment is done by contract agencies.

9. Attendant Termination

Attendant termination is done by contract agencies.

10. Conflict Resolution

SDSD caseworkers as well as agency RNs may be called in to address conflicts between attendants and consumers.

B. Consumer Support

1. Consumer Advocacy

SDSD considers its caseworkers to be consumer advocates. The Oregon Disabilities Commission (ODC), a consumer controlled (by law, at least half of the commissioners must have a disability) agency reporting directly to the governor, runs a toll free hotline for consumer complaints. Independent living centers and other disability organizations may provide consumer advocacy in some cases.

2. Consumer Training

Some SDSD/Voc. Rehab. consumers may receive training through independent living centers, but this is not a regular component of PCS.

3. Consumer Outreach

The centralization of services currently taking place through the adult transfer is also performing an outreach function. New people are being informed of in-home services, including PCS, for which they may be eligible.

4. Quality Monitoring

Periodic on-site monitoring is conducted by SDSD. SDSD also does a client satisfaction survey. The ODC also follows up on complaints that come through their hotline.

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