Case Studies of Six State Personal Assistance Service Programs Funded by the Medicaid Personal Care Option. Reporting Procedure


Program reports were based on interviews and the materials gathered on site. Copies of these reports were mailed to state administrators and to key advocates in each state for review. All advocates and all but one of the state administrations reviewed the reports, and these comments were incorporated whenever possible into the final report. Several administrators felt that the reports were too critical, or overstated the conflict between the state and advocates. This probably unavoidable, given the methodology. Because many representatives from different groups with different agendas were interviewed, there are inevitable inconsistencies and even contradictions on some issues. Whenever there were opposing points of view, an attempt was made to identify the contradictory sources of information. These programs are part of a constantly shifting political and economic climate, and therefore subject to constant modification. The information presented here represents the programs at the time of the site visits, but may no longer be an accurate portrait of the current program structures.

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