Case Studies of Six State Personal Assistance Service Programs Funded by the Medicaid Personal Care Option. Medicaid Personal Care Option Site Visit Consumer Survey


  1. Do you have problems getting attendants?
  2. Do you have trouble keeping attendants?
  3. Do you have a choice of attendants?
  4. Are they types of attendant services you need available at the times you need them?
  5. Do you have any backup system if there's an emergency?
  6. Do you feel that attendants are adequately trained?
  7. What do you do when you have a conflict with an attendant?
  8. Do you feel comfortable in bringing problems with your services to the attention of program administrators?
  9. Where do you get the following services (i.e. State Government, County, City, AAA, ILC, Other Non-Profit, Consumer, Family, Friends, Other), and who pays for them?
    1. Attendant Recruitment
    2. Attendant Screening
    3. Attendant Interviewing
    4. Attendant Certification
    5. Attendant Hiring
    6. Attendant Training
    7. Attendant Supervision
    8. Attendant Payment
    9. Attendant Termination
    10. Consumer Advocacy
    11. Consumer Training
    12. Consumer Outreach
    13. Conflict Resolution
    14. Quality Monitoring
  10. Are there any other program strengths or weaknesses you think we should know about?

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