Case Studies of Six State Personal Assistance Service Programs Funded by the Medicaid Personal Care Option. Individuals Interviewed on Site


Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene:

  • Lawrence Payne, Director, Medical Assistance Compliance
  • Joseph Millstone, Director, Medical Assistance Policy
  • Mark Leeds, Chief of Medical Care Policy Administration, Division of Long Term Care
  • Samuel Colgaine, Chief of Medical Care Compliance Administration, Division of Long Term Care
  • Tom Coplin, Regulations Specialist, Division of Long Term Care
  • Mike Franch, Researcher, Aging Services Coordination Unit
  • Carol Settlernan, Chief of Community Care Unit, Division of Long Term Care

Maryland Office on Aging:

  • Ted Grey

Health Planning Cornrnission:

  • Evelyn Buff

Independent Nurse Case Monitors:

  • Beatrice Morris, RN
  • Barbara Bailey, RN
  • Shirley Patterson, RN
  • Irnistene Jefferson, RN

Washington County Health Department:

  • Linda Humbert, Director of Nursing
  • Patricia Boyd, Supervisor of Adult Health Services
  • Mark Jameson, MD
  • Katherine Bennett, RN Case Monitor
  • Helen Hull, RN Case Monitor

Personal Care Consumers:

  • Sandy Prince
  • Bonnie Barker
  • Ellen Alexander
  • Inez Smith
  • Aristel Whety
  • Robert Tucker
  • Mildred Louis
  • Walter Horten
  • Allen Jones
  • Iole Perry

Marylanders for Adequate Attendant Care (MAAC):

  • Ellen Leiserson, LCSW
  • Nathan Butler, IL Specialist, Maryland Center for Independent Living
  • Jack Prial, Information Specialist, Maryland Rehabilitation Commission
  • Debbie Grubb, Governor's Council on Handicapped Individuals (GOHI) representative
  • Tom Condon, former GOHI president
  • Joel Myerberg, director of Franklin Center Consumer Cooperative

Association of Retarded Citizens (ARC):

  • Anna Marie Pool, Director of Independent Support Services

Office on Disabled Citizens:

  • Cindy Meese, current GOHI chair

Maryland Disability Law Center:

  • Steve Ney, JD

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