Case Studies of Six State Personal Assistance Service Programs Funded by the Medicaid Personal Care Option. Individuals Interviewed


Texas Department of Human Services

State Offices:

  • Ernest McKenney, dir. of Services for the Aged and Disabled Community Care Programs
  • Maria Montoya, Community Care Specialist
  • Anita Anderson, Office on Disabilities

Austin Region:

  • Carol Britton, CCAD Supervisor
  • Karen Gonzalez, CCAD Supervisor
  • Tom Lockett, CCAD Worker
  • Karen Parshall, CCAD Worker
  • Dorothy Hohlt, CCAD Worker
  • Beverly Hamilton, CCAD Worker
  • Judy Brunson, CCAD Worker
  • Kathy Smith, Lead CCAD Nurse
  • Helen Ward, CCAD Nurse
  • Nancy Ivicic, CCAD Nurse

San Antonio Region:

  • Ruth Gomez, Program Director
  • Roy Jones, CCAD Supervisor
  • Norma Cheeves, CCAD Supervisor
  • Steve Blanchard, CCAD Supervisor
  • Elsa Soliz, CCAD Worker
  • Tony Rodriguez, CCAD Worker
  • Katie Parker, CCAD Worker
  • Josie Esquivel, CCAD Nurse
  • Gloria Guajardo, CCAD Nurse
  • Olga Gonzales, CCAD Nurse

Texas Association of Home Health Agencies:

  • Anita Bradley, director
  • Charles Gouge, Outreach Health Services
  • Steve Mayberry, Concepts of Care

Concepts of Care, Austin Ofrice:

  • Kay Fangor, Program Director
  • Marcia Montgomery, RN Supervisor
  • Sharon Jones, Attendant

Medical Personnel Pool, San Antonio Office: - Roberta Bernhard, Director

  • Mary Monroe, RN Supervisor
  • Mary Helm, RN Supervisor
  • Barbara Hall, RN Supervisor

United Cerebral Palsy:

  • Patricia Anderson, director
  • Joyce Dawidczyk, service coordinator

Coalition of Texans with Disabilities:

  • Bob Kafka
  • Stephanie Thomas

Grey Panthers:

  • Charlotte Flynn, president

San Antonio Independent Living Services (SAILS):

  • Larry Correau, Executive Director
  • Willie Mae Clay, Advocacy Coordinator
  • Mary Kay Sanders, IL Skills Training

San Antonio Consumer Coalition:

  • Julio Hinojosa
  • Angie Hinojosa
  • Matt Kruger
  • Troy Bielke
  • Frank Childress
  • Tanya Wade
  • Kim Wong
  • Laurie Andersen

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