Case Studies of Six State Personal Assistance Service Programs Funded by the Medicaid Personal Care Option. I. Program Overview: Size of Population and Expenditures, Program Objectives


Personal Care Services (PCS) in Oregon is a small part of a comprehensive and integrated state system of community-based services. Administration of PCS has recently been transferred from the Senior and Disabled Services Division (SDSD) of the Department of Human Resources (DHR) to the Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP), as part of a larger restructuring of services. PCS is provided by certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to people with ,relatively low hour needs who meet SSI income eligibility requirements ($5160 per year for individuals). Roughly 300 SDSD clients are currently being served through this program. The funds are also beginning to be used by the Children's Services Division (CSD) to supplement foster care for children with disabilities. Currently 120 children are being served through this program, and OMAP is planning to expand this component of PCS. Personal care is also being discussed as a source of PAS for people with mental retardation and mental illness. The objective of the PCS segment of the state's community-based services is to fill the gaps in Oregon's system.

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