Building a More Responsive Federal Workforce: Lessons from the SC2 Pilot. 4.3 Look for ways to engage and solve problems locally across teams, agencies, and departments.


At a starting level, former team members can be encouraged to use their relationships with other team members to problem solve and find cross-agency solutions when needs arise. Beyond this, team members might be asked to share with their colleagues specific examples of how they successfully collaborated with colleagues from other agencies during the SC2 pilot. They could particularly emphasize a vision for non-team member colleagues of what collaboration might look like and help non-SC2 colleagues believe that collaboration is feasible and valuable for the federal government, cities, and city residents. Agency leadership could also look for opportunities to encourage staff to partner in addressing specific community needs. Team members emphasized the opportunities in cities where multiple agencies are already making sizable investments. For example, agency leadership could consider work being done in and around designated Promise Zones, with Partnership for Sustainable Communities grantees, and in communities connected with major infrastructure investments such as high-speed rail. Agency leadership might also work to create professional development opportunities focused on grooming future leaders to be enterprise-wide, cross-agency, cross-sector problem-solvers.

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