Building a More Responsive Federal Workforce: Lessons from the SC2 Pilot. 4. Applying These Practices Beyond SC2 Team Members


While most team members interviewed for the evaluation described experiencing the principles mentioned above – deeper understanding of local challenges, greater appreciation for the skills and insights that city officials have to offer, and an overall belief that cross-agency collaboration is possible and powerful when implemented effectively – only a few team members could point to specific changes they had made to the way they do their non-pilot work as a result of their pilot participation. However, the study time frame, which focused primarily on the first 18 months of the engagement, may have limited the ability to track team members’ reintegration back into their full-time federal work.

Nevertheless, there is a clear opportunity to disseminate these promising practices to other team members so that they can consider the practices’ usefulness to their work. Additionally, there may be ways to foster the practices among non-team member federal staff. The following section presents possibilities for fostering these practices. The ideas are loosely grouped by promising practice, though there are some clear overlaps between practices.

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