Building and Sustaining Community Partnerships for Teen Pregnancy Prevention: A Working Paper. Stages of Partnership Development

One of the most common ways of looking at partnerships is by identifying their stages of development and the main activities associated with each phase. (One such framework is presented in Appendix B, the representation of a community coalition organized to prevent alcohol and other substance abuse.) The most complete descriptions of partnership formation, implementation and maintenance are found in implementation manuals designed to guide communities and organizations as they create and manage partnerships.(28) By combining the advice presented in these manuals, we have identified a series of steps that are important to partnership-building efforts. We have used these steps to organize factors that were observed to contribute to or obstruct the development of partnerships in the literature on the functioning of actual partnerships in teen pregnancy prevention and other fields. The processes involved in forming and sustaining partnerships frequently do not occur in sequence but occur simultaneously and repeatedly over the lifespan of the partnership.(29) However, for the purposes of exposition, we present them as a series of sequential steps.