Building and Sustaining Community Partnerships for Teen Pregnancy Prevention: A Working Paper. Appendix E-Case Study Questions

Case study interviews will begin with a set of overview questions and proceed to more detailed questions from among those listed below.

Overview Questions
Identify interviewee: name, title, tenure with partnership, what do you see as your role?
Is the group a "community partnership"? What does that mean?
What brought the members together & enabled them to overcome differences?
Is the group "successful"? What do you think you are accomplishing? What is working well?
What have been the major barriers to creating the partnership? To its success?
What keeps the group together?

Specific Questions
What was the genesis or impetus for the development of this partnership? What brought people/organizations together in the first place? When did it begin? If applicable, what was the historical relationship between/among the founding partners or the community in which this partnership was founded? Describe any particular alliances that were new as a result of this partnership (i.e., public/private, historically opposing view points). What motivated them to overcome their differences? What made it easier to create the partnership? What made it more difficult? How was the project area/community defined? Was a community assessment/mapping done? How were the origin and scope of the problem determined? How were needs and resources identified? What barriers/sources of resistance were identified? How was the mapping information used? ORIGIN AND HISTORY

Does the group have a formal statement of mission, goals and objectives?* Who developed this statement? How? How was consensus developed around the issue and the partnership's goals? What difficulties had to be overcome? Does the group have a formal action plan?* How did the group identify the community sectors to be involved in the partnership's activities? How did the group identify activities that would lead to accomplishment of the mission? How were priorities set? Were attempts made to include a representative sample of those parties affected by the goals and objectives in the agenda-setting process and subsequent action plan development? MISSION

What was the initial membership composition of the partnership and why? What if any attempts were made to broaden the spectrum of the partnership? What was the process by which the partnership identified potential new partners who were critical to the partnership success? How were they recruited and retained? Were any groups excluded? Why? Were community residents involved? If not, why? How? What helped in their recruitment and retention? What made it difficult? Were all segments of the community represented? Were youth involved? If not, why? What helped in their recruitment and retention? What made it difficult? MEMBERSHIP

How was the partnership staffed initially and what changes occurred in that staffing as the partnership matured? Who led the partnership? How was the leader selected? How was the partnership organized? Committees? Task forces? How formally were structures defined (e.g. by-laws, etc)? How were decisions made? By whom? How did members of the partnership communicate? How often? What elements of the structure or process were important to the success of the partnership? What elements presented obstacles? How was the capacity of the members to participate in and lead the partnership increased? STRUCTURE

What resources were available to the partnership? From partners? From the community? From outside? How were new resources developed? Was technical assistance used? For what? What type of support did the partnership need or receive (i.e., fiscal, human, skills development) and how was this support elicited? Did other entities (government, public, media) contribute to the goals of the partnership via policy changes, awareness days, etc.? RESOURCES & SUPPORT

What services did the partnership provide? What actions did the group take? What changes did the group make in practices, policies, or programs related to the partnership's mission? Was the partnership evaluated? Was the process of partnership formation, organization and function evaluated? Were outcomes measured? How? ACTIVITIES & EVALUATION

How has the partnership changed during its existence? What has been important in sustaining it? SUSTAINING THE PARTNERSHIP

Documents Requested

Action/Implementation Plan
Partnership Membership List
PR Materials (brochures, pamphlets, websites, etc.)