Building and Sustaining Community Partnerships for Teen Pregnancy Prevention: A Working Paper. 7. Creation of an Action Plan


The creation of a satisfactory action plan (or strategic plan or implementation plan) is essential to effective partnership development.(158) In the model developed by the Work Group on Health Promotion and Community Development at the University of Kansas, such a plan includes specific objectives for community changes to be sought in achieving the group's mission, the action steps that will effect these changes, and evidence that members support the plan. Focusing on specific community changes in the action plan leads to greater success than identifying issues and clarifying the mission.(159) It is beneficial if funders require an action plan.(160) Priorities should be established by members with elected officials, funders and experts(161) and should fit the unique needs of the community.(162) Elements of plans originate in individual committees, but the whole membership reviews and approves the plan. This approach "maximized ownership at the committee level with buy in and coordination at the larger level."(163) In the Plain Talk partnerships, residents created messages and defined broad objectives and the general shape of the implementation plan; then staff took these ideas and organized them into a formal action plan.(164)