Building and Sustaining Community Partnerships for Teen Pregnancy Prevention: A Working Paper. 1. Services & Community Actions


As partnerships develop, their focus shifts from internal concerns-how to form and keep the organization going-to external concerns-how to affect the environment and achieve the mission.(165) Most partnerships provide services for members and for the larger community. These might include conferences, training workshops, newsletters, resource directories, reports on the nature and extent of identified problems, position papers, and draft legislation. Services can be distinguished from community actions, which are the activities undertaken by members of the partnership in the community in order to create changes in community programs, policies, and practices.(166) Community actions can be both universal, for example, for all adolescents, and targeted, for example, for high-risk youth.(167) Implementation of specific activities that derive from the action plan is a characteristic of a mature partnership.(168) Actions need to be of sufficient intensity, scope and duration to have an effect.(169) In at least one partnership, focus on production of services reduced the group's ability to take action in the community.(170) One type of community action that has a strong positive effect is a program of mini-grants, providing funds to small, new programs in the community.(171)