Blending Perspectives and Building Common Ground. Organization of the Report


The next two chapters of this report provide a brief overview of the nature of addiction, substance abuse treatment, and recovery (Chapter 2), and the nature of child maltreatment (Chapter 3).  These are followed by information regarding the co-occurrence of these two serious problems (Chapter 4) and a discussion of the complexity of child and family needs (Chapter 5).  The final three chapters of the report discuss overcoming barriers to collaboration (Chapter 6), provide examples of successful service delivery (Chapter 7), and lay out next steps for the Federal Government and our partners at the national, State, and local levels (Chapter 8).  Three appendices provide information on Medicaid coverage of substance abuse treatment services, the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment's comprehensive treatment model for substance abusing women and their children, and current programs of the Department of Health and Human Services directed at substance abuse and child maltreatment.