Blending Perspectives and Building Common Ground. Educational Training and Remediation Services


  • Educational training and remediation services should be provided, with on-site provision of or case-managed linkages to local education/GED programs and other remediation issues identified at intake.
  • English language competency and literacy assessment programs should be facilitated.
  • Job counseling and training should be provided, if possible, via case managed/coordinated linkages to community programs.

Transportation.  Transportation to programs is needed to access treatment and related community services.

Housing.  Access to safe, drug-free housing throughout treatment is all-important.

Childcare Services.  Age-appropriate care of infants and children should be provided at treatment facilities using a developmental model.  Respite care should also be available.  If space or licensing requirements prohibit on-site care, contractual arrangements with local licensed childcare providers should be provided.

Continuing Care.  Continuing Care should be provided, planned for, and should include sustained and frequent interaction with recovering individuals who have graduated from the intensive or primary phase of treatment.

  • Provision should be made for graduate re-admission to more intensive forms of therapy in cases where relapse has occurred.
  • As women complete the intensive phase of treatment and move into the community, the effects of domestic violence, rape, and childhood sexual abuse must be addressed over time.  A plan for "safety" must be developed.
  • Socioeconomic issues (e.g., jobs/educational deficits) require long-term remedies and must be included in relapse prevention planning.
  • Public assistance and housing must be addressed in the continuing care plan.
  • Ongoing transportation assistance must be provided for attendance at self-help groups (AA, NA, and other support meetings).
  • Continuing provision of primary healthcare services and medical assistance as needed for women and children.