Blending Perspectives and Building Common Ground. Appendix B. Center for Substance Abuse Treatment Comprehensive Treatment Model for Alcohol and Other Drug Abusing Women and Their Children


The purpose of this model is to foster the development of state-of-the-art recovery for women with alcohol and other drug dependence and to foster the healthy development of the children of substance-abusing women.  The model is a guide that can be adapted by communities and used to build comprehensive programs over time.  The goal of alcohol and other drug treatment is to support a woman's journey to a healthy lifestyle for herself, and for her family whenever possible.  Because alcohol and drug dependent women tend to have few economic and social resources, comprehensive treatment is extremely important.  The purpose of comprehensive treatment is to address a woman's substance abuse in the context of her health and her relationship to family, community, and society.  This relationship is influenced by gender, culture, race and ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation, and age.

Treatment that addresses the full range of a woman's needs is associated with increasing abstinence and improvement in other measures of recovery, including parenting skills and overall emotional health.  Treatment that addresses alcohol and other drug abuse only may well fail and contribute to a higher potential for relapse.

Confidentiality and informed consent, as well as the establishment of universal precautions against spread of communicable diseases, are essential throughout all aspects of treatment.

Although this treatment model has been designed specifically for women and their families, many components apply to men as well.