Baseline Information for Evaluating the Implementation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996: Final Report. Question I. Does group to individual portability affect early retirement decisions.


This analysis would be similar to that suggested for Question H. It would use the design shown in Table 2 and the CPS to address whether there was a decrease in the probability of being employed among individuals age 60-64 in the post-HIPAA period. Small samples in this age group included in any single CPS would necessitate pooling surveys. Using all respondents in this age group interviewed in a year prior to and post-HIPAA, the analysis would detect a decrease in employment in state groups A, B, or C of about 10 percent (or 4 percentage points) with 80 percent power. This design would provide 80 percent power to detect differences in the rate of change between two of these models of 5 percentage points.