Baseline Information for Evaluating the Implementation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996: Final Report. B. Employer Surveys


The employer surveys we abstracted are:

  1. KPMG’s Annual Survey of Employer-sponsored Health Benefits (KPMG)
  2. Employee Benefits Survey (EBS)
  3. Mercer/Foster-Higgins National Survey of Employer-sponsored Health Plans (Foster-Higgins)
  4. National Employer Health Insurance Survey (NE HIS)
  5. 1993 Employer Health Insurance Survey (EHIS-93)
  6. 1997 Employer Health Insurance Survey (EHIS-97)
  7. Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Insurance Component (MEPS-IC)

They were screened for the following content:

  • Employer offers health insurance
  • Insurance recently dropped or added
  • Premiums
  • Pre-existing condition limitations
  • Number of enrolled employees
  • Number of covered lives
  • Industry code
  • Age of workers