Barriers to Self-Sufficiency and Avenues to Success Among Teenage Mothers. Acknowledgements


Many people contributed to the successful completion of this study.  Dr. Ellen Kisker and Ms. Rhoda Cohen participated in the design of the overall study.  They contributed enormously to the information gathering -- including selecting and tracking the sample, recruiting and training interviewers, and conducting focus groups and case conferences.  Both also co-authored a preliminary report on barriers to self-sufficiency among teenage parents, based on an initial round of focus groups.  Kathy Abbott, Teen Progress supervisor in Camden, Melba McCarty, Director of Project Advance in Chicago, and Yvonne Johnson, Teen Progress supervisor in Newark, were extremely helpful in identifying and recruiting participants for the focus groups, helping with logistical arrangements for the meetings, and in organizing the case conferences.  The case managers in all three sites generously gave their time to participate in conferences to review, in depth, the case histories of a sample of their cases.  Dr. Reuben Snipper, the federal project office for the evaluation, and Nancye Campbell and Judith Reich, federal project officers for the demonstration, provided valuable ongoing support for this study, including providing thoughtful and timely review of design plans and draft reports.  Dr. Rebecca Maynard, project director for the overall evaluation of the Teenage Parent Demonstration, provided overall guidance throughout the study design and implementation and played a critical role in broadening the data collection efforts to include the case conference component.  Finally, this study was critically dependent on the teenage parents who so generously gave their time to participate in the focus groups and in-depth interviews.