Performance Measurement in the Hospital Outpatient Setting. Appendix A: Additional Measures Under Consideration for Inclusion in Hospital Outpatient Quality Data Reporting Program (HOP QRDP)


Number Measure Source
1 Type 1 or 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Low Density Lipoprotein Control NCQA
2 Type 1 or 2 Diabetes Mellitus: High Blood Pressure Control NCQA
3 Screening for Fall Risk AMA/PCPI
4 New Episode of Major Depression: Antidepressant Medication During Acute Phase NCQA
5 Stroke and Stroke Rehabilitation: CT or MRI Reports AMA/PCPI
6 Stroke and Stroke Rehabilitation: Carotid Imaging Reports AMA/PCPI
7 Osteoporosis: Communication with the Physician Managing Ongoing Care Post Fracture AMA/PCPI
8 Osteoporosis: Screening or Therapy for Women Aged 65 and Older AMA/PCPI
9 Osteoporosis: Management Following Fracture AMA/PCPI
10 Osteoporosis: Pharmacologic Therapy AMA/PCPI
11 Medication Reconciliation AMA/PCPI
12 Community Acquired Pneumonia: Assessment of Mental Status AMA/PCPI
13 Community Acquired Pneumonia: Vital Signs Recorded and Reviewed AMA/PCPI
14 Breast Cancer: Post-Breast Conserving Surgery Irradiation NCCN/ASCO
15 Breast Cancer: Adjuvant Chemotherapy NCCN/ASCO
16 Breast Cancer: Adjuvant Hormonal Therapy NCCN/ASCO
17 Breast Cancer: Needle Biopsy Diagnosis AMA/PCPI
18 ECG for Diagnosis of Non-Traumatic Chest Pain AMA/PCPI
19 ECG for Diagnosis of Syncope AMA/PCPI
20 Primary Open Angle Glaucoma: Optic Nerve Evaluation AMA/PCPI
21 Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Dilated Macular Examination AMA/PCPI
22 Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Antioxident Supplement AMA/PCPI
23 Diabetic Retinopathy: Documentation of Presence or Absence of Macular Edema and Level of Severity of Retinopathy AMA/PCPI
24 Diabetic Retinopathy: Communication with Physician Providing Ongoing Diabetes Care AMA/PCPI
25 Colonoscopy for Polyp Surveillance: Description of Polyp Characteristics AGAI
26 Advance Care Plan AMA/PCPI
27 Urinary Incontinence: Assessment Of Presence in Women Aged 65 and Older AMA/PCPI
28 Urinary Incontinence: Characterization of UI in Women Aged 65 Years and Older AMA/PCPI
29 Urinary Incontinence: Plan of Care for Women Aged 65 Years and Older AMA/PCPI
30 Asthma: Pharmacologic Therapy AMA/PCPI

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