An Assessment of the Sustainability and Impact of Community Coalitions once Federal Funding has Expired. Research Question 1: Sustainability Status


This study provided an opportunity to answer a fundamental research question: How many coalitions funded under HCAP are still in existence today? Even using a fairly rigorous definition of sustainability which required three or more organizations to be collaborating for purposes of one or more of the original HCAP goals, 68 percent of coalitions were sustained. The fact that more than two-thirds of the coalitions were sustained is encouraging, particularly given that the HCAP project did not have an explicit emphasis on sustainability. Moreover, even among the 32 percent of coalitions classified as not sustained, the majority (80% of not sustained coalitions) report that at least one of the activities they conducted under the HCAP grant was still being conducted at the time of the survey. The study results confirm that HCAP had a lasting influence on community coalitions and the communities they serve.

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