An Assessment of the Sustainability and Impact of Community Coalitions once Federal Funding has Expired. Footnotes


1 For the purposes of this report, subsequent references to HCAP grantees include both CAP and HCAP-funded grantees.

2 Of the 95 coalitions that did not complete the survey, 8% were cohort I, 18% cohort II, 23% cohort III, 8% cohort IV, 15% cohort V, 19% cohort VI, and 9% cohort VII, which matches the distribution of all grantees by cohort.

3 Eighty three percent of not sustained coalitions answered "yes" to the question, "Did your coalition receive financial resources from any of the following sources?: U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services" This reflects HCAP and other sources of DHHS funding at the time the coalition disbanded or dissolved.

4 Coalitions that replied Not Applicable for the question on the success of different impacts did not receive this follow-up question.

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