An Assessment of the Sustainability and Impact of Community Coalitions once Federal Funding has Expired. Discussion


The results of this study answer important questions about whether community coalitions formerly funded through large federal grants continue to exist after the initial federal funding, and if there are identifiable differences in the characteristics of coalitions that are sustained compared to those that are not sustained. The findings greatly improve understanding of the experience of coalitions once initial funding ends and provide important information on coalitions’ perceptions of the impact of their efforts over time. A discussion of the key findings according to the study’s research questions is presented below and followed by implications for community coalitions, planners, funders, and policy makers.

1. How many community coalitions funded under HCAP are still in existence?

2. What coalition characteristics are associated with sustainability and what factors promote or hinder community coalition sustainability?

3. What are the impacts of HCAP coalitions post-federal funding and what are the types of outcomes achieved? To what extent have the coalitions evolved to address the needs in the community?

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