Assessment of Health IT and Data Exchange in Safety Net Providers: Final Report Appendix. Background and Methods


In accordance with our previous site visits, preparation for this visit began approximately one month prior to the in-person meetings. Initial contact with BHN leadership was made by telephone. These initial conversations were conducted to share the aims of the site visit, obtain agreement from network leadership to participate in the site visit, discuss potential discussants for the in-person meetings and set a date for the in-person meetings. Following these initial telephone conversations we revised background materials, developed detailed agendas for each meeting and set appointments with clinical, administrative and IT leadership from across BHN member health centers.

The site visits took place on the week of April 13, 2009. Two teams of two were deployed to conduct meetings with five health centers as well as BHN and BMC executive staff. For each meeting, we prepared materials that outlined our preliminary knowledge of the discussants’ organization and highlighted outstanding questions to address during the in-person meeting. Having a minimum of two team members at each meeting allowed us to have at least one individual dedicated to taking notes and documenting the content from the meeting while the other focused on assuring that the goals of each meeting were being addressed through engagement with the participants.

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