Assessment of Approaches to Evaluating Telemedicine. A. Evaluation Properties and Impacts


This section addresses the following properties and impacts of the evaluation of health care technologies, interventions, and systems:

  • access;
  • technical properties;
  • safety;
  • efficacy and effectiveness;
  • cost and other economic impacts;
  • appropriateness of the technology;
  • clinician acceptance;
  • patient satisfaction; and
  • integration into the mainstream of care.

Many respondents noted "quality" an important evaluation attribute of telemedicine systems or programs. However, when describing quality, such respondents usually described it in terms of one or more of technical properties, efficacy, effectiveness, or appropriateness of telemedicine. Respondents emphasized tradeoffs and other interdependence among multiple evaluation attributes, for example, among cost (or other economic impacts) and technical properties, access, or effectiveness. As a result, many of the points mentioned below appear in more than one area of evaluation. In general, respondents considered that access and efficacy should be accorded the highest priority in telemedicine evaluation.

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