Assessing the Need for a National Disability Survey: Final Report. I. Designate a Lead Agency or Group to Coordinate Disability Data Efforts


Having an organization to spearhead disability data improvements efforts was viewed by TAG members as an important means to facilitate implementation of all of the options discussed above and also to garner support for a national disability survey (discussed in the next chapter) should one be deemed desirable. TAG members noted that significant improvements in data covering older individuals (via the HRS) were achieved through an active research community and strong relationships between the government and universities. Finding a way to mirror their success in the disability arena would facilitate disability data improvement efforts. Participants believed that the inclusion of the ACS six-question series in several surveys marked a rise in interest in improving disability data and that now is a good time to build on that momentum. Designating a lead organization or agency to advocate for and coordinate such efforts was perceived to be necessary. Proposed organizations include ASPE, NCHS, the Office of Management and Budget, and the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research.

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