Assessing the Field of Post-Adoption Services: Family Needs, Program Models, and Evaluation Issues. Case Study Report. Services Offered by PAS Programs


For the purposes of this study, state officials and PAS providers were asked primarily about services provided under the auspices of their PAS program. Across the five states, the services most widely considered to be part of the PAS programs included information and referral, counseling, crisis intervention, respite, case management, training for parents and professionals, advocacy, and support groups (Exhibit 6-1). Some variation existed among the states. Texas was the only state to offer residential treatment within the PAS program; Georgia was the only one to offer tutoring; and Oregon was the only state that did not include counseling, crisis intervention, and respite. This section discusses other, more subtle, differences among the programs.


Exhibit 6-1.
Post-Adoption Services (PAS) in State-Supported PAS Program
Core Services Georgia Massachusetts Oregon Texas Virginia
Information and referral x x x x x
Counseling x x В  x x
Crisis intervention x x В  x x
Respite x x В  x x
Case management x x x x x
Parent training x x x x x
Professional training x x x x x
Advocacy x x x x x
Support groups x x x x x
Residential treatment В  В  В  x В 
Tutoring x В  В  В  В 
Note:В  Families that adopted privately or from another state have limited access to some of these services in Georgia, Texas, and Oregon as described in Section 5.4.

All of the 36 states responding to the ILSU interviews reported providing at least one of the services listed above to adoptive families. However, many of these services were not consistently provided to all adoptive families or were provided outside the context of a formal PAS program.

The five case-study states all had a broader network of supportive services for adoptive families that extended beyond their PAS programs, including adoption subsidies, mentoring, mediation, adoption search and registry, tuition reimbursement, health care (e.g., Medicaid) residential treatment, and day care. The availability of these supports is discussed in Section 7.

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