Assessing the Field of Post-Adoption Services: Family Needs, Program Models, and Evaluation Issues. Case Study Report. 5.5.1 Source of Funding


Two distinct patterns of funding PAS programs were seen among the five states visited, as shown in Exhibit 5-2. In Massachusetts, Adoption Crossroads received state funds set aside by the legislature in the Department of Social Services annual budget. These funds were dedicated to PAS inside the foster care account. The remaining states used Title IV-B, Subpart 2 funds, with additional funding sources that varied by state. Virginia required its lead PAS contractor to contribute a 10% match toward the cost of the program. Adoption program managers in Virginia and Oregon reported that all Title IV-B, Subpart 2 funds available for adoption promotion and support were spent on PAS.

Exhibit 5-2.
Funding Sources for Post-Adoption Services and Supports
Sources Georgia Massachusetts Oregon Texas Virginia
Title IV-B, Subpart 2* (including 25% state match) Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Adoption Incentive Program No No No No No
State funding (excluding Title IV-B, Subpart 2* match) Yes Yes No No No
Provider match No No No No Yes
* Commonly known as Promoting Safe and Stable Families program.

None of the five states reported using funding from the Adoption 2002 Initiative toward PAS.

The case-study states use of funding streams differed from that reported by states responding to the ILSU survey. Excluding the 5 case-study states, the funding source most commonly reported among the remaining 31 states was state funding (23 states) followed by Title IV-B, Subpart 2 (20 states) and Adoption 2002 (15 states). Some of the state funds cited in this survey may represent the 25% state match for federal Title IV-B, Subpart 2 funds.

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