Assessing the Field of Post-Adoption Services: Family Needs, Program Models, and Evaluation Issues. Case Study Report. 5.3.2 Statewide Access


States structured their programs to provide a full array of PAS, to allow consumer direction, and to provide PAS regardless of geographic location.

Adoption program managers in all five states indicated the importance of offering services to adoptive families throughout the state. As noted in Section 5.2, a variety of program structures were created to achieve the shared goal of statewide access. These structures included a network of regional providers (Massachusetts, Texas, and Virginia), a central provider with staff assigned to regions of the state (Oregon), and separate contracts with providers to offer specific services on a statewide basis (Georgia).

The use of regional PAS providers offered an opportunity to tailor the program to the needs and resources of each area, ensuring it was flexible enough to respond to regional issues, according to Virginias adoption program manager. However, several program managers and PAS coordinators/providers noted that PAS providers had varying levels of experience in providing the full range of services, leading to unintended variations in service delivery. As mentioned earlier, the adoption program manager in Georgia indicated that contracting with agencies with particular expertise ensured consistent quality of PAS statewide.

Delivering services to rural areas was a particular challenge regardless of program structure, according to adoption program managers. Although having regional PAS providers offered the potential of wider access to services, adoption program managers and PAS coordinators/providers in those states (Massachusetts, Texas, and Virginia) acknowledged that services tended to be clustered around the regional providers location (typically the larger community in the service area). Providers in several states reported difficulties in maintaining statewide coverage due to the demands of staff travel.

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