Assessing the Field of Post-Adoption Services: Family Needs, Program Models, and Evaluation Issues. Case Study Report. 4.2.1 State Activities


Each of the states had implemented efforts to monitor the delivery of PAS and client satisfaction. Reports were available only from Oregon and Massachusetts, although other programs appeared to have been collecting comparable information. These reports were consistent with staff assessments in other states of increasing service utilization and high levels of satisfaction with services.

PAS providers have measured client satisfaction with services through mail and telephone surveys.

In addition to these utilization data, Oregon surveyed adoptive families satisfaction with these services. Fifty-three families who had received in-depth services initiated through a telephone call to ORPARC were mailed a questionnaire, and 19 responded (a 36% response rate). Findings included the following:

  • About two-thirds (68%) deemed ORPARC staff excellent in their helpfulness in addressing the clients call.
  • Slightly over half (53%) rated staff excellent in terms of usefulness of information provided and excellent in terms of knowledge of Oregon adoption issues.
  • Almost 90% of clients were very satisfied with the way they were treated in telephone contacts with ORPARC staff.

The Salem State College annually assessed parent satisfaction with PAS provided in Massachusetts. The third-year evaluation report (Hudson et al., 2001) reported satisfaction data across six service areas. Callers were extremely satisfied with information and referral services. For all 12 types of information and referral services, at least 90% of interviewees reported being satisfied. Another 90% of those surveyed rated response team service either as very good or excellent. Of the 22 parents using respite, 18 described the services as very good or excellent. With regard to family support services, 17 out of 22 responding parents rated services as very good or excellent. Training participants were satisfied with the quality of the workshops they attended: 71% gave the training high marks.

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